Share. Men have a slimmer body, women have a much thicker belly. The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a freshwater fish belonging to the minnow family of the order Cypriniformes.Native to South Asia, it is a popular aquarium fish, frequently sold under the trade name zebra danio (and thus often called a "tropical fish" although both tropical and subtropical).. My water parameters are all fine. I only say definitely yes if the fish is obviously suffering. Zebra danios are egg sprayers, they spray eggs all over the tank at the same time the male sprays his milt. If this is a zebra danio, you likely have a female. In the wild breeding is induced by a change in temperature at the start of the monsoon season. Is the danio behaving/eating normally? Step 1 Note the temperature of water in the aquarium. The male has the elongated rounded shape with gold stripes between the blue stripes on the body. I was just looking at my fish and I noticed that one of my long-fin zebra danios looks pregnant. And the longfin blue zebra danio that usually has a prominent blue coloration. is my Zebra danio pregnant? I just bought about 6 zebra danios and a few of there bellies are huge. When i bought the fishes from petsmart the person never told me their gender, so … When it comes to tankmates, the Zebra Danio fish needs fellow mates, a good 5 other species will cut it. 55gal Tank:130 watt coral lights,Eheim Wet/Dry 2227 Canister Filter ,Powerhead, Co2 Injection and a heater. If water temperatures are kept too low, they tend to become more susceptible to disease. The original zebrafish (or zebra danio, Danio rerio) is a native of rivers in India and Bangladesh.It measures three centimeters long and has gold and dark blue stripes. Although Zebra Danios can be found in a variety of different environments in the wild, they do prefer to live in water that has a small amount of current. I think the other one is a male, and this is a female. Both males and females have the same stripes and two pairs of barbells, however, the females are bigger. One of my Zebra Danio's seemed very swelled towards the front of the fish. The occupants of your tank will probably eat all of the eggs. Where Did Zebra Danio Fish Come From? Each lip has a pair of whiskers that are usually pressed tightly so that they are invisible. She looks like she might explode, her belly is so big! I have a mature tank, been keeping fish for 7 years now and this has never happened to me. Posted … 2 hours ago. The female has a larger whitish belly with silver stripes rather than the gold. What could this be? It is possible it has a tumor or some other blockage, but the only way you'd find that out is by a post mortem examination. 2 - zebra 1 - orange glofish 1 - purple glofish 1 - blue glofish My question is about my smallest danio, the blue one. When looking for a breeder net, make sure it’s big enough to allow the danio eggs to fall through. Hi, I'm new here and have a question about a fish I bought yesterday. So My Zebra Danio will only swim at the top now.Has lost his appetite, and is bloated and has a red like wound that seems to be getting larger on the side/underside of the belly. The male zebra danio has a torpedo-shaped body while the females tend to have a bigger belly. Did a PWC 25% last night, and tested tonight. Danio fish usually spawn at temperatures in the low to mid 70s Fahrenheit. She is full of eggs, if you get a male or two in the tank and the conditions are right, they would spawn. and then one day it just mysteriously turned skinny! They are freshwater fish. Do you know the methods? Giant danios are relatively easy to breed, and the fry are fairly easy to raise. Has the fish been acting oddly? It is important to provide them with an aquarium with large open swimming spaces as well as sufficient plant cover. Hi everyone! The first thing I noticed was that one of the fish (Big Mac) was a lot larger then a normal danio and was way wider then my other danios. The Zebra Danio Danio rerio (previously Brachydanio rerio) was described by Hamilton in 1822.They are found in Asia from Pakistan to India and as far as Myanmar. Zebra Danio are the perfect breeding fish for beginners. The fish have the flattened shape with fusiform with its mouth upwards. Zebra Danio swollen belly #1 Hi guys i have just noticed 1 of my Danios has a seriously swollen underside slightly red towards the tail, and when it is swimming it is huge! Its belly looks like it's going to lay eggs maybe but it looks too young or small to be ready for that. Like a little round ball. 1 decade ago. Update: Zebra Danio with growth 9/23/07 Hello, I sent a question earlier today regarding my zebra Danio with a growth on its side-it had some details about the problem, and the history of my tank (acquired as part of a business purchase.) This handsome little fish only reaches about 2 1/4 inches (6 cm) in length and is spotted rather than stripped. The zebra danio is beautiful to look at and is popular for stocking aquariums because of its resistant and peaceful nature. It needs this crowd of fish in order to be more active, play around and so it prevents becoming stressed. However, this is the case when your fish has matured. However, since the majority of Zebra Danios that are bred today are done so in captivity, they are incredibly hardy, and can survive and even thrive in pretty much any aquarium. There are a total of 5 danios in my tank among other fish. Redness has gone down but she is still fat. Like many other fish, zebra danios first must be conditioned to trigger their mating behavior. Unfortunately, the Danio has died. Ideally, any tank that’s 20 gallons and above is good enough. it didnt look or act sick though, no scales sticking out or anything. There is a slight difference in this aspect between female and male Zebra Danio. Habitat: Distribution / Background. Zebra Danio with a big belly : Zebra Danio with a big belly: justin84 Fingerling Posts: 45 Kudos: 30 Votes: 20 Registered: 08-Dec-2004 . She developed a red belly so I treated with API general cure which worked but then the redness came back so I treated and Maracyn 2. The Leopard Danio is a very striking and easily recognized variety of Zebra Danio Danio rerio. Member. You can see the fish, you'll know if it's time. Danio are an extremely active species of fish and like to swim against water currents and dart around aquariums chasing each other. Share. The upside to using a breeder net is that it’s really easy to put the adults in the net and take them out of the net. However, they will adapt to a wide range of water conditions. My zebra danio has a fat belly, is it fat, a female or is it pregnant? If it is, then it is up to you whether to euthanase. You can buy a breeder net in most pet stores and aquarium shops. The Ganges River area of India has been home to Zebra Danios for a long time. So these past few months I’ve been having issues with some of my danios dying. The fishes bellies start to swell towards the bottom. If you haven’t already, the first step is testing your water parameters. Also changed water on Friday at 25% along with cleaneing half the gravel, in attempt to get the ammonia to 0, but haven't had much luck with that. She has been like this for many … Jun 8, 2017. Did a PWC 25% last night, and tested tonight. Share. Zebra Danio Characteristics. Zebras are primarily surface-dwelling fish that favor moving waters. If they are juvenile, the case may be different, and the female fish might look smaller than the female. Breeding the Giant Danio . Danio Swollen belly. ASquidabs0727. I assumed she was full of eggs but she won't lay them. They eat good, swim around and are very active. If she is pregnant, what should I do? New Danio - Big belly? Bob Fenner> Zebra Danio Q 3/10/06 Hey Bob! Zebra Danio Breeding. If it is much cooler or warmer than this it is unlikely that your danio is carrying roe. Technically considered a cold-water fish, this fish prefers water in the 64 to 75 F range. This 'leopard with spots' has an overall brownish-gold metallic color stippled with many bluish gray spots. The fish has the quite complicated stripes colorful pattern on their body. Zebra Danios Pictures: above, a 1.25" Zebra Danio Male, middle a female that's about the same size, and below a very plump female that has an orange belly that's full of eggs. One of my Bronze Cory Cats as has quite a swollen belly but not as swollen as the Danio. Please help . My fiancée and I are looking forward to seeing you at IMAC (we actually met at IMAC last year and are getting married this June). You won’t need to catch any of the adults in the main tank. Zebra Danio Habitat and Care . The zebra danio has a reputation as one of the easiest fish to breed in the hobby, and they can be a great way for a beginner to experience breeding fish for the first time. Hello; is it the only zebra danio in the tank? its because i have a zebra danio and it has a fat belly. Although Zebra Danios are tropical fish. To start off the breeding process male and females should be separated for a few weeks and a breeding tank (5-10 gallons) should be set up at a temperature of 71-80°F. Danios thrive when kept in large groups of 6 or more and are helpful in making more timid species of fish feel at ease. Zebra Danio Fat. so i dont know if its fat or pregnant. The first step in breeding them should always be to separate the sexes into their own tanks. No big deal. and its been that way ever since. The Longfin Blue Danio is a man-made cultivar, but its ancestry can be traced to the Zebra Danio, and it was most likely developed from the Leopard Danio mutation. However, wild Zebra Danios live in many different places. If you suspect your female danio may be pregnant, it's important to find out for sure, so that you can prepare the tank for the baby fish, called fry. The main color of the body is light yellow, the body is covered with wide dark blue stripes that create a pattern similar to the color of a zebra. ... Another reason you need a reasonably big tank is that danios are shoaling fish and are normally kept in a group of at least six fishes. The females have a more rounded belly and the males are straight-lined and slim. They are a cold water fish. She is in quarantine in a 10 gallon tank, nothing other fish with her. Zebra Danio Tank Conditions. i also had a zebra danio that was really huge, up to the point where i was afraid that it was gonna explode! I cannot tell if this is just a fat fish as he/she loves food and is always the first one to the top of the tank or if I should be calling my local pet store as I am in NO WAY prepared to House babies!!! Even though the zebra danio is considered easy to keep, there are some things to consider to give it the best possible quality of life in an aquarium. but the strange thing was that it was huge all the time, so i wasnt sure if it was pregnant or not. So My Zebra Danio will only swim at the top now.Has lost his appetite, and is bloated and has a red like wound that seems to be getting larger on the side/underside of the belly. The fins are short, almost transparent, and may have a yellow margin. They live anywhere from rivers with fast currents to lakes with almost no current at all. Spawning should be attempted in a roomy tank that has some exposure to the sun if possible, as natural sunlight triggers spawning.

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