The Corps’ regulation schedule prohibits water releases from Lake Istokpoga and canals connected to the lake when the lake’s water level declines below a critical threshold. Companion maps, on the far right tab, show key locations with real-time information of volumes of water being moved and daily water levels. Two major tributaries enter the lake; Josephine Creek from the west and Arbuckle Creek from the north. Lake Placid's largest lakes are June, Placid, and Istokpoga. Due to a variety of factors, like water level regulation, shoreline development, and the presence of non-native invasive plants, habitats on the lake must be actively managed to ensure optimal conditions exist for lake wildlife and the people who use the lake. The main reason of water levels in lake Okeechobee rising is caused from the run off from rain in the Kissimmee valley. Lake Istokpoga is the largest lake in Highlands County and the fifth largest freshwater lake in Florida. Lake Istokpoga. As summer begins to draw to a close, bass fishing enters a new chapter in south-central Florida and specifically at Lake Istokpoga. The nearest weather station for both precipitation and temperature measurements is ARCHBOLD BIO STAT which is approximately 14 miles away and has an elevation of 140 feet (104 feet higher than Lake Istokpoga). Located five miles northeast of Lake Placid, Highlands County, this 27,692-acre lake has quality fishing for black crappie (specks) and one of the highest largemouth bass catch rates in the state. Water Quality; Decomposition and Sediment; Dissolved Oxygen; Photosynthesis; Shared Uses and Functions; Duck Hunting; Flood Control; Fish and Wildlife ; Threatened and Endangered Freshwater Species; Freshwater Fish; Fish Kills; Florida Wildlife; Control Methods. Bodies of Water. $325.00 per adult. Despite its area, it is very shallow, with an average depth of only 4 feet (1.2 m). Historical Weather. Lake Istokpoga is Florida’s fifth largest lake and used to flow to the Kissimmee River through Istokpoga Creek on its east side. For more information, read the Site Status Report User Guide. See all tours & tickets. applied to Lake Istokpoga to achieve the level of hydrilla control in previous years. Lake Istokpoga is a 26,762.9-acre (108.306 km 2) freshwater lake in Highlands County, Florida. “A lake plan is difficult to write because a lake is a dynamic ecosystem that’s subject to continual change,” said Dr. Paul Gray, Audubon ecologist and one of the Lake Istokpoga Habitat Advisory Committee members. (Detailed map and photos below.) Since the early 1960s, water levels in Lake Istokpoga have been regulated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Recommended. December 2020: Sun: Mon: Tue: Wed: Thu: Fri: Sat: 1: 336: 2: 337 Water levels on Lake Istokpoga now fluctuate only about two feet. There are two creeks that flow into Lake Istokpoga: Josephine Creek on the west side of the lake from Lake Josephine and Arbuckle Creek, which flows 26 miles from the north and is navigable by boat. Lake Istokpoga, located in Highlands County, is Florida's fifth largest lake with a surface area of 27,692 acres. Nearby Experiences. Mercury Level in Lake Istokpoga. What an amazing town to call home!. Our most popular tours and activities . However, stabilized water levels and nutrient enrichment from agricultural runoff led to a proliferation of non-native aquatic plants. Lake Istokpoga has been designated a Fish Management Area by an agreement between Highlands County Board Of County Commissioners and the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. Quick View. Lake Placid was named appropriately because everywhere you look there are lakes, lakes and more lakes. Lake Istokpoga is generally shallow like most other Florida lakes, averaging 4 to 8 feet in depth with one area on the east side reaching 10 feet. For Lake Istokpoga, water level stabilization has caused a wide range of impacts to the resource by greatly altering historic patterns of drying and flooding that once occurred every few years. Agricultural, commercial, and residential development followed after flooding along the lake's shoreline was controlled by the canals. The Committee is charged with addressing issues that include but are not limited to exotic plant management, watershed management, aquatic habitat enhancement, water level regulation, lake restoration, management of a renewable, sustainable Istokpoga ecosystem, restoration of long-term ecological healthier to the lake and its watershed, and preservation of the lake's economic value. The best speck fishing occurs during winter months drifting over open water, particularly in the northeast and southwest corners. The water is drawn down on Lake Istokpoga in the spring, causing low water levels on the creek, August to March are the best times for paddling. MFLs are defined as the minimum flows or minimum water levels, adopted by the District Governing Board pursuant to Sections 373.042 and 373.0421, Florida Statutes, at which further withdrawals would be significantly harmful to the water resources or ecology of the area. The water levels on lake Okeechobee will fluctuate 3-5 feet per year. The sunsets on Lake Istokpoga are unsurpassed. The statute requires only the establishment of minimum lake levels. Review of scientific information identified regulating the water level of Lake Istokpoga as a major factor in the lake’s ecology and a driver of the need for active vegetation management. However, the statute also instructs the water management districts to consider such other factors as fish, wildlife and recreation.

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