And, yes every ache, pain and lump can put a person in a panic. Surely, the PSA can be high due to other causes and a blinded biopsy can miss affected cancerous tissues but in the end, the biopsy may provide you peace of mind. It went fine. Make sure and check all that out on-line. ), I have already read the free PSA article (in the last 5 weeks there probably isn't a PCa web page that I haven't read)...a lot of people use a cut of of 25% but I have read a lot of scientific research where 23% is used.....(whoops there goes another straw )   The other article I shall digest later thanks, Since my consultation with the grumpy urologist I have learnt about the PI-RADS scoring system for MRI imaging....(wish I'd had this info before)....Just wanted to know really if the doc was not telling me the whole truth for whatever reason, Thank you for your informative post and for taking the time to reply. I suppose I should take solace from the fact that he was willing to give me the option, but then again it's not his life. She walked in the first time and said "Hey Mr, D (that's what the kids called me), remember me?" 11 years later I had an internal bleed, still no symptoms of prostate problems, and it was thought that I had a problem with an adrenal glad. He said yes, and told me I'd know if I was over doing it. I was advised to not do a biopsy at that time by my GP unless they did an ultrasound and it showed an area of concern. ", Hi H&O....Interesting statistics, obviously you had very low involvement, and got onto a research project, and they seem to be throwing all manner of tests your way.....I'm glad that it is all working out right for you....I'm 8 years younger than you were when you got your diagnosis (nice birthday present) not that that makes any difference.....66 is the new 40 right?......Maybe if the docs were to give me a 25 year guarantee along with the free servicing I might (only might) sign on the dotted line......I wonder that when you're going for one of your regular scans, psa tests etc. My Prostate had adhered to my bladder. It works on the principle of detecting the change in the direction of rotational axes of protons in body fluids with the help of magnetic and radiation stimuli. ....Glad it worked out for you. First they had trouble getting the robot through the mesh from a double abdominal hernia repair. So, for heavens sake, get checked by a good dermatologist on a regular basis. ).....I have had so many aches and pains since this all began (all attributable to PC of no way related to my age ).....The one thing that is freaking me out at the moment is a grumbling hip pain....I have now convinced myself that this "Means" something....I'm now kicking my butt that I never went to the hospital 2 and a half years ago when my GP wanted to send me with my 3.1 PSA (I knew better...thought 3.1 being only .1 above the cutoff for my age was "SAFE"....Ignorance and denial will get you every time), In life it pays to be born lucky.....You certainly have to be lucky overall with doctors....As you say things could have worked out so much differently for you had you got the right doctor first time round....The only thing I could really say is maybe my GP could have twisted my arm and "made" me go to the hospital back then, but overall it's not her responsibility....I'm an adult....she did agree to check my PSA every 6 months instead of annually, so I can't complain.....I'm in the UK so under the NHS and despite the fact that they get a "bad press" sometimes they have been excellent to me (so far)....The hospital urologist just surprised me really with his attitude.....Not unpleasant, just very businesslike.....never even introduced himself, I had to ask his name....Its always possible of course that some Doctors are not very good when faced with patients who they have to give bad news to......Maybe it's a kind of defensive mechanism....don't get too friendly in case the patient asks too many questions, and you have to give him some dodgy answers....Maybe I'm reading too much itno it...Maybe he's just generally an A**hole. I also think that AS is the best initial option to consider in a PCa positive case, Surely AS is not for everyone but for those cases suitable for AS (low indolent risk), it provides quality living during many years till proper intervention becomes necessary, if any. He did a DRE and told me I had the smallest Prostate he had ever examined. In cases larger than 15 mm, MRI was 100% accurate. However this time we did the biopsy and I ended up with a Gleason of 7 with the PSA of 69. That was mentioned earlier in this section by Hopeful & Optomistic. At 6 weeks I couldn't take it any more and bugged the hell out of him and ask him If I could try my trainer/spinner bike. Based on this evidence, MRI could easily be used as a more accurate method of confirming malignancy in small nodules and help with the early diagnoses of HCC. Welcome to the board, however, keep in mind that you have not been diagnosed with prostate cancer yet. I loved the English group Led Zeppelin's early hit Ramble On. whether you now take them in your stride, or is there always a sense of trepidation while awaiting for the results?.......Although I realise that with surgery, radiotherapy and all the other treatments there are follow up tests that I guess cause a few sleepless nights for everybody.....Unless you're made of stone....(I realise that I am not....My family crest is two white feathers  ). That song was written by Nick Lowe and was supposedly about his attendance at a John Lee Hooker concert.......The song  criticises Hooker ("Main attraction dead on his feet, Black man rhythm with a white boy beat"). The ancient Greek philosophers of Plato's day would gather for all-night discussions of any topic whatsoever. That's what they told me. Then, 1 year into this PCA situation, My Chemo Oncologist, suggested I change Dermatologists. As of now my "T" levels seem to still be coming back up. I went through the same thing with a Grumpy Urologist. they were big in the UK in the 70' I'm writing this I'm listening to the radio and there is currently an interview with their guitarist Wilko Johnson who was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer 3 years ago,  he chose not to receive chemo.....He is now "cured" and has resumed his music career, played last year at Glastonbury, made an album with Roger Daltrey from "The Who" and so on.....Gives everyone a bit of hope I guess. When I was in the front of the draft , I guess they liked it because I made a bigger "hole " in the air. The study included 300 men, including 248 with prostate lesions visible using MRI. I have been off the Lupron for 6 months now, and my Testosterone has started to come back up. Then, when they got in there, they found the birth defect. Hi H&O, You're absolutely right of course.....It's just that I have realised that I am not the right personality type to cope with any kind of disease.....I've never been a good patient, even with a head cold. The European uro-radiology  “built” a score system based on the data collected from several respected physicians who use to predict cancer not diagnose it. Recently, several advances in prostate imaging have led multiparametric MRI … When they got inside of me, they realized that I had a birth defect. While recent studies have demonstrated that MRI is more accurate in detecting tumors than other diagnostic procedures, there are barriers that … Hi Guys, I'm new here, Live in the UK (hope this is OK here this being a US site). It is a mental night mare and even if the cancer is found to be none aggressive, we must find the courage to live with it. In your particulars, I would go ahead and get a biopsy,   Prostate cancer ("PCa") is virtually always very indolent/slow moving, so the two week delay that you mentioned will be completely irrelevant, of no significance. It's great that you are well-read, that you understand a great deal about PCa, that you are learning the options. MRI creates cross-section pictures of your insides. When a doc tells you that "something" has shown up on an MRI scan a cold clammy hand grabs at your innards and won't let go...(I lost both my parents to cancer so am always aware that genetically I'm in the losers corner). We have contributors from all over the world. We calculated accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV) and negative predictive value (NPV) for detecting all CaP and csCaP. So, yes I know who "Doctor Fellgood" is. Hang in there and fight like hell. I was ready to do the surgery from the first day I found out I was dealing with this cancer. The doctor was awful. The electric 6 string or the bass player. They may be used to locate large solid masses and distinguish benign from frankly malignant ovarian tumors, with overall accuracy of 88% to 93%. This treatment type is not a fly  night treatment and is considered valid. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. So, they wouldn't have been able to get the seeds into the postions they needed to be. Copyright 2000-2019 © Cancer Survivors Network, Fingers in the ears and sung, pretending that all is well. I got the link you sent . The MRI, on the other hand, gives doctors the chance to zero in on a particular lesion in the prostate and gather tissue from that location. Many times I'd let it there, but sometimes change to Jazz or Blues, depending on my state of mind that day. After that appointment I thought I wanted to have the radiation instead of the surgery. So, My advice is get the biopsy. the fact that I immediately thought Lymph nodes just means all this PC stuff is messing with  my mind.....I'm now down to speak to the hernia people in a few weeks time.....getting old isn't all it's cracked up to be, Thanks for your good wishes.....Hope your condition just keeps getting better and better and in the meantime find Dr Feelgood's "Milk and Alcohol" and crank it up to 11.....even better for you than Da Vinci Surgery. This technique does not utilize ionizing radiations such as X-rays. I even found myself "blaming" her for not making me go to the hospital 3 years ago when the GP wanted to refer me....(how unfair and bitter is that?). It can take up to an hour and a half. Nobody get on top of a table and shouts MRI rules! Within the MRI invitation group, four of the 20 diagnosed interval cancers were detected in women who did in fact undergo MRI screening (a rate of 0.8 per 1,000 screenings) while 16 occurred in those who declined the invitation (4.9 per 1,000 screenings). If I need more further surgery, it is done by another surgeon who comes to town once a week. MRI scans can work on soft or dense tissue and are especially useful in viewing the spinal cord and brain. Turned out, I was very glad I did the surgery. My leg muscles were so developed from the cycling that they couldn't find the lymph nodes in my right groin. All manner of rambling is welcome... OCD can really jerk a guy around. Then Dr. Miller had the robot do a mirror image and it got to the lymph nodes on the left side. Only when the specifics of the biopsy are back can informed, clinically appropriate treatment responses be tailored to your resuolts. My dad had red hair. While the remaining 52 men had no visible lesions, the researchers still found cancer in 15 percent of them using the traditional ultrasound test. So make sure and get yourself in the best condition you can and then get right back at it as soon as you feel up to it. They had my trestosterone knocked down to 17 with the Lupron. Just got to suck it up and see what the next few weeks brings. Hi Max, What you say is true, but I have had this OCD thing since I was about 8 years old.....Can't unlearn 50 years of bad habits in 10 minutes, especially at times of stress....Plus I have an intensely curious nature......Most OCD types do, we need to "know" answers to questions....We don't let things lie. My GP is also a former student of mine as are 3 others who have been helping me fight this battle. I myself herald from the US state of South Carolina, founded by English aristocrats in the 1600s. Only the biopsy will do that. My surgery took 5 1/2 hours to complete. Be advised that if you have the hernia fixed, and they use a mesh over the entire front of your abdomen, as they did with me, that will cause some difficulties if you eventually would need surgery. In this case, one plus one equals three.". But either way it remains a subordinate bit of data, to assist after a biopsy is in hand. The guy who followed me every day, was having treatment for a very serious reoccuring cancer (head and neck) and that would set the tone for him as the days went by, and we got to be pretty good "buds". These can predict the clinical stage (advancement) of a positive case. Normal is between 250 and 1,100. Things will work out for you......recomend that you take your wife out for another lunch...make it  today. MRI accurately showed final tumor size to within 1 cm in 12 (57%) of 21 patients, underestimated tumor size by more than 1 cm in two patients (10%), and … I kept it "light" and that made them happy as well. now how did I get that? They had to make an incision in my bladder to get the prostate removed. There is a man who was less than 35 when diagnosed the prostate cancer who is in the same program as I am. To many Ab Crunches and heavy lifting. Instead, MRI uses a large magnet, radio waves, and a computer to … This lasted for several months. "......Unfortunately the more I learn the more I fear that this "something" might be what I'm dreading.....This after putting my details into the UT Health and Science centre of San Antonio's nomogram and getting 83 smiley faces out of 100 (meaning I had only a 17% chance of something sinister.....)....To quote a line from my favourite movie Some like it hot "Nobody's Perfect", I remember saying to my wife just before we walked into the hospital urologists office...."If there are scans clipped onto light boxes I'm screwed".....I even jokingly  said to try to peek a look at my notes to see if there's a skull and crossbones drawn on them.....Black humour is the only form of protection when facing something like "hospital tests", As for Optimistic and hopefuls helpful posts.....I guess that anything is possible, like I mentioned earlier I am not a good patient and hate taking pills and potions of any kind....the thought of the various treatments for PC just leave me very trepidatious....Could I sleep with the enemy?

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