14' Race Track, and 15". Hoof protection; Growing a better hoof; Need a trimmer? They are unequalled in their strength – as has been demonstrated by using them to cut horseshoe nails without suffering any damage. Web and print content provides news and tips for farriers about hoof care, forging, horseshoeing and farrier business advice. Rehabilitation, Retirement & Holiday Agistment. All The Heavy-Duty Hoof Trimmer is used for trimming overgrown or cracked hooves on cattle and horses. (no PayPal account is required), (208) 782-0919 They are silky smooth to use; comfortable, easily cutting the hardest of feet and are easy to flick open. Dunlop’s High Country Horses; Packer’s High Country Horse Riding; Endurance horses; Education. This could be the last pair of HOOF NIPPERS you will ever buy! 12-inch and 15-inch models provide maximum accuracy and a fine cutting edge that will get you through the toughest horn, eliminating the need for compound nippers. AVAILABLE IN: 12″, RT14″, 14″, and 15″ Instead of getting uneven cuts, it is easy to shift and make micro adjustments that make the job so much easier. 18 inch Farrier Compound Hoof Nipper antique vintage old tool blacksmith: Condition: Used. The longest handles giving the most leverage. Contact Us Q. They are made from forged steel and are oil tempered, which means that they will still last a long time. Market leading toughness for those extra hard feet of Australian summers. Order Form info@budnippers.com. Edge Hoof nippers are produced with high quality chrome vanadium steel for exacting sharpness and long life. Ended: Dec 30, 2020. Starting at $94.50 Each. Our father, Bud White, invented the compound action nipper that does all the hard work in cutting hooves now known as the Bud Nipper! March 12” nippers are well suited for general work and are especially good for trimmers with small hands. The hoof nipper is a much used tool for the farrier. **** Often to referred as the Draft Horse Model ****. We stock GE Forge, Cottam Deluxe, Mustad, Delta, Nordic, Edge, Lopez and MFC hoof nippers for equine, bovine or barefoot trimming of the hoof. Add to cart; SERRA RATCHET EMASCULATOR Castrators and Emasculators, Large Animals $ 155.00. March 14″ racetrack are a lighter larger nipper for smaller hands and faster finer work. Hoof Nippers are part of the complete hoof solution, necessary to maintain your horse’s hooves and imitate the natural wear and tear of a horse in the wild. The “Bud Nippers” are made of 100% stainless steel, thus preventing any rust or corrosion. 1.0 out of 5 stars 1. 5 out of 5 stars (473) 473 reviews $ 22.50. 18 Times the cutting strength of a standard nipper. Watch; S p T U o n N s E N 7 o Z B r B e F H d. NEW Single Action Nipper with Replaceable Blades. Credit Add to Wish List. GE 12" Half Round Hoof Nippers. Pre-Owned. Starting at $236.00 Each. The nipper has acquired a nice overall slim line appearance. In stock for quick shipping and … This nipper has acquired a nice overall slim line appearance. The MFC 16" Hoof Nipper comes with a 1 3/6" wide cutting blade and is made with an H-13 head and sta.. $406.07 Add to Cart. Owning a pair of sharp and precise hoof nippers is essential. document.write (copywriteDate(2002)); Watch; I S p o I n s 9 O U o I N E Q r 5 e d. 2 Antique Horse Hoof Nippers Farrier Cutters Blacksmith Pincers Trimming Pliars . $ 30.00 Add to cart. These nippers have a curved cutting blade whereas standard nippers have a straight cutting blade. Whether you are a horse owner trimming your own, or a farrier makinga living, this incredible tool does the work for you. (Click smaller images at left for detail). The 12” nippers are well suited for general work and are especially good for trimmers with small hands. American Farriers Journal is completely devoted to proper hoof care. Then print out the confirmation page and mail it along with full payment.) Diamond 14"Economy Hoof Nipper. Money Order or Best Offer +$8.30 shipping. … Standard sizes for hoof nippers are 12', 14'. They are incredibly good value. Starting at $150.00 Each. March 14” nippers are all purpose nippers that are manoeuvrable on small horses but have enough leverage to be useful on big horses with hard feet. $44.99. Farrier Tools are used for hoof care like trimming, resetting, setting and tender spot exam Farrier Tools, Hoof Nippers, Testers, Trimming Kit | MediTools Australia - Buy Online $18.00. Nippers; Showing: 1 - 20 of 36. 18 inch Farrier Compound Hoof Nipper antique vintage old tool blacksmith. NC TOOL COMPANY 6133 Hunt Road Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 800-446-6498 nctool@nctoolco.com Diamond 15" Hoof Nipper. Compound action construction provides extra heavy duty hoof trimming, terrific leverage, and allowing it to handle the toughest jobs easily and quickly. Compound Leverage Hoof Nippers (Standard and Heavy Duty). Decreased handle size from the “Standard” Compound Leverage Nipper” to fit your hand more comfortably, without compromise. They are incredibly good value. Our hoof nippers have been proven in the field by many farriers from all over the country. Comfortable rubber grips make the trimmer safe and secure, fitting screw allow to adjust the opening between blades and blades may be resharpened. The spring on the handle of the Cottam one handed hoof nippers makes for easy and smooth cutting. The blades are aligned and sharpened by G.E. The longest handles giving the most leverage. These trimmers may not last a lifetime like the ones mentioned above, but when you consider the price, the value is hard to beat. Check Only 14 left in stock - order soon. The Heavy Duty Compound Nippers combine all the features and specs of our Standard Compound Nippers but with the sturdy reinforcement to handle the very big jobs. Vintage blacksmith hoof nippers Horse Shoeing Farriers Tool Nippers Nail Puller / Antique thesawdustshop. Made in the USA, GE nippers are sharp, long lasting and designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the busy farrier. Common Uses: Hoof & Claw Cutting; Cattle Delta 14" Nippers. 26-163 Two Handed Compound Hoof Nippers, 16-1/2" $89.95 26-164 Compound Nipper Replacement Blades $34.95 26-165 Two Handed Compound Hoof Cutter, 25-1/2" $85.95 . The Tough 1 Heavy Duty Hoof Nipper is our pick for the best value when it comes to horse hoof nippers. Buy It Now +$21.06 shipping. Replaceable Blades and Adjustable Stop. Classic Hoof Nippers Forged from high quality tool steel, machined for precision and heat treated for wear resistance, this professional hoof nipper features a very sharp cut. Several sizes are available: 14, 15 and 16 inch nippers are used where more leverage is needed on dry hoofs and on draft horses; 12 inch nippers can be used on show horses, racehorses and foals and those with weak hand strength. $27.95. Made from 100% Stainless Steel, the Heavy Duty Compund Hoof Nippers have the unique compound leverage that allows 18 times the force at the blades than is applied ot the handles. Best Buy on Edge Hoof Nippers. The overall length of the nipper is 13.5 inches. THE BAREFOOT BLACKSMITH | PH: 03 5773 4306 | FAX: 03 5773 4307 | EMAIL: admin@barehoofcare.com | © Copyright. nippers are the largest nippers available for those extra large or extra hard feet. Hoof Nippers The Hoof Nippers help shape and carve the hoof to create that same solution in today’s modern equine environment, as natural conditions previously performed. Offers one-handed operation so there is no need to get under the horse if you don't want to. Sharpening Services, Nippers | Guide to Suppliers & Services Compound Action Hoof Nippers 16" Heavy Duty Livestock Veterinary + Extra Blade. The MFC 14" Race Track Hoof Nipper comes with a 1" wide cutting blade. Details about 18 inch Farrier Compound Hoof Nipper antique vintage old tool blacksmith See original listing. Our network; Barefoot Horses in Action. MFC HOOF NIPPERS All nippers are made with an H-13 head for longer use of your nipper and 410 stainless steel handle so your nipper won't get rusty and ugly. Home, Payment Method: Big Sky Internet Card Payment with PayPal  One handed hoof nippers These are great for keeping one hand free when trimming difficult horses, foals or geriatric horses who have trouble lifting their limbs too far off the ground. "Heavy Duty - Compound Leverage Nipper". Diamond 12" Hoof Nipper. Design, Inc. Starting at $38.50 Each. Equine (Horse), Farrier Tools, Hoof Nippers & Clinchers $ 75.00. The "E-Z Hoof Nipper" is a one-handed hydraulic powered hoof nipper for trimming hooved animals. Maximizing control over cuts while ensuring the safety of your horse are priorities in proper hoof trimming. G.E. Starting at $98.00 Each. Shanghai March professional hoof nippers are back better than ever ! The Barefoot Blacksmith | Ardellan Web Design. The W-Brand nipper spring is designed to help trimmers trim the feet on young horses where one-handed nippering is a must. Shanghai March professional hoof nippers are back better than ever ! The Best Hoof Nippers. Proudly Designed and Hosted by All rights reserved. rights reserved. The "Bud Nippers" are made of 100% stainless steel, thus preventing any rust or corrosion. Nipper Spring. They are available in four sizes to suit each farrier’s needs. professionals, delivering a precision nip time after time. 36-104PFH Nordic Forge 14" Hoof Nippers $28.00 36-105P Nordic Forge 14" Hoof Parer $27.00 . Hoof examination and care is important part of horse foot care. Replaceable Blades and Adjustable Stop. GE 14" EZ Race Track Nipper. From shop thesawdustshop. The Lopez nippers actually fall open by themselves after each cut. Pre-Owned. They are incredibly good value. Available in: GE Classic nippers in 14" and 15" GE Easy nippers in 12", 14", 15" and 14" racetrack . Other resecting nippers on the market are 20mm wide. // --> GE Hoof Nippers - the premier hoof cutters for the professional. All rounders; Show jumpers; Eventers; Hunters; Trail horses. Bud Nippers 3495 Crestwood Lane Idaho Falls, ID 83404 (208) 782-0919 info@budnippers.com: