Q&A. 29 Comments. Reviews: 0. Thank you. Zeon/Zeno vs. Brago. tinasng picked Zeon/Zeno: he may be six but he is strong posted over a year ago. Playing next. Zeno would just have to dodge all his attacks which he can because he's faster and from the help of his partners prediction ability he could just dodge all the attacks and be on the offensive at the same time. Later it reveals his plan is to take control of the giant mamodo Faudo away from the mamodo who summoned it here from the mamodo world; Riou. FieryJinx. Cookies help us deliver our Services. COMMISSION: Shonen Girls - Page 3. I would say zeno because he's really fast and his partner has that awesome talker thing ability. Brago on the other hand has experience and can handle his own without even using spells BUT that ain't enough to get rid of zeno hes going to have to go all out against zeno. Nov 13, 2010 #4 Zeno definitely takes Bari down. 35 min - Uploaded by Edeline BatheZatchbell episode 149 zeno vs zatch final fight (Hindi dub by D.S) - Duration: 19: 50. 0. Because at the very end of the story, even with Answer Talker, Kiyomaru admits that Brago was more than capable of beating him and Gash. or. Followers. Narendra Modi, The Times of India, Rajnikant Vs CID Jokes. Brago (ブラゴ, Burago) is a teenage mamodo with a rough, antisocial attitude. La furieuse mutation de colère de Vegeta ! One of these notable spells being his "Baberuga Gurabidon." 1 - 6. Like some of Brago's other gravitational-themed-spells, Baberuga Gurabidon allows him to summon a lengthy gravity field that's known for toppling tall buildings. poll: Zeon/Zeno vs. Brago (1140436) Brago vs Zeon Zeon takes this as mentioned before. Don't get me wrong brago and sherry has extreme experience and knowledge to its just not enough to get rid of zeno, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 16 fans picked: Zeon/Zeno 75%: Brago 25% FallenStarz posted over a year ago: Make your pick! Follow 2268. Report. Is it the Brago before? Email or password is incorrect. Neha Harry. Aug. 23, 2015. Holy crap that's right kiyamaru was on edge even though he was using his ability. Password Brago is strong but I always had the impression zeno was the strongest. shikaigash Sasquatch. 272 Favourites. Sports Teams. Board. Imagine brago with Sherri and she had that ability too. End-of-series Brago can overcome the Answer Talker, but before his training Zeno would find a way to overcome him, likely using his speed/teleportation. FieryJinx. PlayStation 2. Zeno Bell, eldest son of the royal family, received special training from his father for the duration of his life and also inherited his father's ruthlessness. About Zeno Bell. This account has been suspended due to strange activity. Brago leaves to wander around the mountain. Zeno's lightning spell… Peur à la fête d'anniversaire Aug. 16, 2015. Nov 13, 2010 #6 Together, they should be able to bring him … Please try again. Jun 27, 2013 #10 Tough decision. Zatch Bell Mamodo Fury: Zatch vs. Fein - Pt.1. Defeat Kanchome two times, Brago once, and Bari once in Tia's story line, then go to the Circus Tent. Powered up Kido. Gabe Haven. The only thing keeping him in the fight was the fact that they had the answer talker and they were executing without mistakes. Zatch bell mamodo fury brago vs tia. Sherlōck High Functioning Sociopath. Zeno Bell is on Facebook. 697 Favourites. Questions . Despite this, perhaps because of his relative isolation while training, he was the least famous of the four, as shown by Tia and Keith not recognizing him. 1 - 7. Fanpop poll Results: Zeon/Zeno vs. Brago - Read the results on this poll and other Zatch Bell! B. Blade Well-Known Member. When twins were born to him and his wife, the "Bao" power was given to Zatch and Zeno did not get it because the Bao loathes dark and evil souls and will devour him if he did not learn to control it. Eventually it reveals why he has such harsh feelings for his brother. Brago loses with a bit more difficulty though. 33 Comments. 260 Favourites. Zofis with egg. Navré pour l'attente, Beerus-sama. May 7, 2017 #13 Faudo had a casual island level+ sneeze, never forget it and i remember his continental hype feat . Kaguya, Naruto and Sasuke vs Zeno Sama This topic is locked from further discussion. 0. Zen'ō (全王, literally King of Kings) is the king of all of the twelve universes in the Dragon Ballmultiverse. फैन्पॉप मतदान Results: Zeon/Zeno vs. Brago - Read the results on this मतदान and other Zatch Bell! Zeon on the other hand might be able to pull it out with no remorse for attacking Sherri. Sherry's butler comments that Brago has changed into a strict and kind person, a perfect king. Level7N00b Stainless Steel. Instructions on how to reset your password have been sent to your email. Zofis wine milk carton. Reviews. Log In. this email address already registerd with us. Cheats. I agree with this. Now Playing. Zeno would just have to dodge all his attacks which he can because he's faster and from the help of his partners prediction ability he could just dodge all the attacks and be on the offensive at the same time. Popular All Time. 10:46. No places to show. Forum Posts. Current City and Hometown. At defending her own she lacka the strength of knowledge. As it is revealed in the manga, their father is the king of the Mamodo world: an electric elemental who possessed the ultimate power known as "Bao". Please try again. 1 - 9. Browse more videos. Please try again. मतदानो Add this game to my: Favorites. Brago is clearly exceptional and I think could take even Zeon at the end of the story. 1:00. Guides. posted over a year ago. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Your message has been sent. Although sherry is good. ~Avant~ Eveningstar. 617 Favourites. E-X-P-I-E. 25 Comments. Zeno is Zatch's twin brother and the cause of his amnesia. Goku vs. le Dieu de la Destruction Beerus Aug. 09, 2015. Zatch Bell! Successfully complete Zatch's Story mode. presinto Also zeno's partner could just ride zeno so their defense is pretty perfect. hudyman. He is extremely strong, often defeating other mamodo teams without even requiring the use of spells; because of his strength, which was gained from undergoing elite training, many mamodo have come t… Zeno first appears by Zatch as a mysterious figure that erased his memories when he first came to the human world lost in a forest. Sherry and Brago use their spell to scare the bear away and Brago then carries the man back to his house. I'd go as far as to say Demolt was the strongest mamodo in the series up until Zeno's power was shown. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. I just could imagine zeno circling brago while brago missing all his shots and not getting close enough. La dernière chance laissée par Beerus !? Forgot password? Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles (Japanese Version ^^) Regan Hanlon. VarietyPack picked Brago: Brago would kick Zeno's butt! Did u know it is said in the wiki Zeno,Brago and 2 others are counted as 4 Of the Adult Surpreme Mamodos !!!! I think zeno and defoux has a slight advantage over brago and sherry its just that their to skilled and has experience. Notify me about new: Guides. Found a bug?SuggestionsCopyrightNeed help?Business DevelopmentGeneral inquiry, PopScreen - Video Search, Bookmarking and Discovery Engine. Summary; Release Data; Also Playing; Collection Stats; Guides; Q&A; Cheats; Reviews; Media. my-new-account. Indian Cricket Team. Taking on his true true form, he and Zatch go using his spell Shin Feiuruku to fly to France to help Brago. Favorites. Because of the scientists treatment, Dufort gains an apathetic personality and harbors a deep hatred against humanity. Now, this all changes from manga and anime, but either way, Zatch (and Kiyomaro) defeated Zeno… I think it would depend on which point you're talking about when it comes to Brago. Sherry Belmont, known in the original version as Sherry Belmondo ... After finishing their experiment, they left Dufort to die but was saved by his Mamodo partner Zeno Bell, known as Zeon Bell ゼオン・ベル, Zeon Beru) in Japan. In the shadows lies Dufort reading Zeno's first Spell, Zaker, then later later erasing Zatch's memories of The Mamodo World. Haro Rush. Sign Up. | next poll >> loading... 3 comments. Nov 13, 2010 #5 Okay I pretty much agree with the consensus but how will Zeon fare against Brago and Bari ~Avant~ Eveningstar. ikoke Super Paopei User. Although child-like in appearance and personality, his power is feared by even the Angels and the Gods of Destruction, having destroyed six of the original eighteen universes in a fit of anger. Thanks to … Direct .... 3 Nov 2010 - 2 min - Uploaded by PEIN1518So this is the last who determines to be mamodo king. When they got there, Brago was badly injured and he brings both Brago and Sherry to a safe location while he and Zatch fight Clear Note. He's really fucking strong . Other. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. !Thats very interesting it means those are the top strongest elites chosin and Cant be Stopped, Dufoux's answer talker gives Zeon a really good shot, especially since in my opinion Dufoux's answer talker is superior to kiyos, Sherry is competent enough that brago wouldn't have to worry about her too much and could go all out, I'd say Zeon wins just barely 6/10, Just think about it tho its about the partners to not just the mamodoes Dufoux is very smart and was given a special ability. my-new … Play Queue. Sherry Belmont and Brago.

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