A great way for parents to support their children's learning of … ... interactive way of developing a range of mathematical skills. A game where you need to tell the time in words. Titch also explains the days of the week, measurements and how different coins have different values. You’re making carrot soup and need to measure out 2 litres of vegetable stock. They need to order the glasses and bottles from full to empty and visa versa. Use language such as 'o'clock', 'half past' and 'quarter to' and compare the analogue time to digital time. Capacity Countdown. Free Year 1 Part Whole Model IWB Addition and Subtraction Activity Step 1: This Year 1 Part Whole Model IWB Activity includes three questions to check pupils' understanding of … Capacity is a measure of how much something can hold. Become a subscriber to access all of our interactive games and activities. Perfect as part of a homeschool curriculum. As they prepare to find a job, Titch introduces Ted to the idea that a circle can be different sizes and still be the same shape. You can play with centimeters or inches. EYFS Measuring using Capacity IWB Activity. It will remain free to use. Click here to find out more. Match simple analogue times with digital equivalents. In this lesson, learners can choose and use appropriate standard units to measure capacity. Children need to measure various objects against a centimetre ruler. Capacity Games and Resource Pack KS1. You can set the scale on the cylinder to a maximum of 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 units and the scale interval to 1, 2, 5 … A useful classroom timer which is configurable to countdown in either seconds or minutes. The goal is to save one fish at each level by filling the container with the amount of water asked in the question. May 12, 2019 - This is an interactive lesson on measuring capacity. Use on an IWB, PC or mac. Match each 12 hour digital clock to the correct analogue clock. This resource works well on tablets and interactive whiteboards. With interactive games equipped with theme-based environment, the measurement games boost confidence in kids to excel in math. Interactive Thermometer The Interactive Thermometer. In these interactive measurement games, your child will get familiar with common measurement tools like a ruler and measuring tape. Different levels, including: reading time to the nearest hour, half hour, quarter hour, five minutes or minute. Free online maths games for kids. The scales include linear, thermometers and a variety of dials. Our sister site, crickweb.co.uk, provides 265 free educational interactive teaching resources and activities for Primary/Elementary Schools, teachers, parents & children. Then try this read the scales game which includes weights in grams and kilograms. Two levels of difficulty with whole centimetre and half centimetre examples. Confused about calendars and time intervals? A game by ICT games where you need to read the volumes on the scales in ml and l. This site can help you to read the time on an analogue clock. 2007 - 2019 Everyschool.co.uk | All rights reserved | Design by 3913.co.uk. The Chuckle Brothers measure wood for shelving in metres and tenths of a metre. This ITP allows you to control two taps that pour a liquid in and out of a measuring cylinder. Can you read scales? Learning Objectives: Y1: To begin to measure capacity and volume [for example, full/empty, more than, less than, half, half full, quarter]. Have fun with these free online math games for kids. This is an interactive lesson on measuring capacity. Measuring Capacity KS1. This ITP has been remade so that it will work in modern browsers. It is read up from the bottom. It can be measured in metric using millilitres and litres or in imperial measures using pints and gallons. Free fun numeracy games suitable for use by Key Stage 2 children either in school or the home. Interactive Learning for the Australian National Curriculum. The time games are progressive in difficulty. This collection of KS1 tasks combines the skills of estimating, comparing and measuring. Knowing which units belong to which measurements takes some learning. This EYFS Measuring Capacity IWB Activity will support children's understanding of capacity. Nov 12, 2019 - This is an interactive lesson on measuring capacity. KS1 and KS2 Maths Measurement learning resources. Activity segments include Fill It Up -- a game that challenges students to apply conversion of liquid units; a comic video about the importance of measuring carefully with when baking; and answering volume questions in a quiz-show format. There are six levels of difficulty and the hardest include negative numbers and decimals. ... Five of our most popular Times Tables games in one great bundle. Step 1: This activity comprises questions to test pupils understanding of the measuring length. Suitable for use on an IWB, PC or Mac at school and at home. On a measuring jug, the scale goes upwards rather than across. To give your child some practise and help, play this fun and friendly KS1 Maths and Numeracy quiz which will test their knowledge of capacity, litres and millilitres. Primary or Elementary, Key Stage 1, ages 5-7 years, Numeracy, Math help activities and teacher resources to use in the classroom or for parents at home to help your child with maths. Foundation - They compare objects using mass, length and capacity. The digital clocks can be viewed in either 12-hour or 24-hour layout. Free fun numeracy games suitable for use by Key Stage 2 children either in school or the home. Teaching Clock is an open-ended teaching resource to help children explore telling the time in both analogue and digital formats. It's self-checked and you won't even need to photocopy, so you can save time. Education materials and learning games for parents to use at home. Click on the length of the red bar. By using them in a visual and hands-on way, your child will develop a deeper understanding of what units like feet, inches, and centemeters look like, making it easier to mentally estimate accurately in day-to-day life. This fantastic and engaging range of capacity activities and PowerPoints for KS1 are the perfect way to support teaching about capacity, units of measurement and measuring … FREE Resource! Age range 5-7 years. It is configurable so that teachers can use it at a basic level or use the questions provided. Meet Titch, a very keen mathematician, and Ted, her easily distracted uncle. Children love a word search and this interactive online version of the game is even better! Find the correct time on an analogue or digital clock. Learn math the easy way with kids games. ... Year 2 Measuring Capacity/Volume Differentiated Worksheets. Word problems where you need to read the time on either an analogue or digital clock and then answer a word problem involving adding a given time. » Dial scales – virtual weighing activity » Teaching clock » Differences – measuring capacities. Measuring and Time A variety of interactive games and worksheets to teach measuring and measurements, including mass, capacity, time and temperature. Options include 24 hour clock. Simple charts help kids to remember the units and conversions to use later. Aug 14, 2019 - A KS1 Maths unit of work including five capacity Year 2 lesson planning packs with slides, activities and volume and capacity worksheets, cards and games. Y2:To choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure length/height in any direction (m/cm); mass (kg/g) temperature (°C); capacity (litres/ml) to the nearest appropriate unit, using rulers, scales, thermometers and measuring vessels. They also need to label each container identifying its capacity. A look at a range of everyday kitchen items, such as butter and fruit juice, and the units they are measured in. Article by Skoolmaths - Interactive Math Lessons for K-12 Learners. Free worksheets, online interactive activities and other resources to support children learning about measurement. Free Interactive Primary or Elementary Key Stage 1 Numeracy, Maths, Literacy, English, Science, Religious Education and History Teaching Resources and Kids Games. An amazing resource for demonstrating the difference between two times. KS1 Measurement - Measure Capacity Interactive Activity This is an interactive activity for pupils to work out the capacity of a variety of containers, by pouring their contents into the measuring jug and working out the value using the scale. This website has activities involving reading scales. Celsius Rhyme. Students use direct and indirect comparisons to decide which is longer, heavier or holds more, and explain reasoning in everyday language. FunBrain will show you a ruler with a red bar above it. Read Temperature Conversion. Which would be the best measuring instrument to use? A game where you can practise how to tell the time on both analogue and digital devices in this fun maths game. Great as a teaching aid on an interactive whiteboard. Potatoes are measured in kilograms, kitchen foil is measured in metres, butter is measured in grams, orange juice is measured in litres, milk is measured in millilitres and a milk pan is measured in centimetres.

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