Bettas are aggressive, but there is a wide variety of fish and aquatic animals that are known to be good “betta tank mates” or aquarium companions for betta fish. I have a female beta too with two neon tetras in a separate 2 gallon tank with filter. The information, content and material contained on the site is intended to be of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute professional/medical advice. Corydoras live on the bottom, feeding, and can live alone or in schools (4 or more recommended) depending on the size of your tank. Remember, this is just my opinion and experience so do some research, maybe I’m just lucky… My Betta has been building a bubble nest for awhile now, so at least I know that he’s happy in there! I will not be able to breed any betta food in another tank, so I’m wondering if it is possible to keep some kind of shrimp or similar (as food) in the same tank as the betta. Yes, they can, as long as you provide the right environment for both. Ghost shrimp is terrible tank mate. As the name betta “fighting” fish suggests, they are quite aggressive, but that does not mean they should be kept alone. If the male is building a nest it’s a sign that they are healthy enough to mate. Qualities to look for include: Non-aggressive / no fin nibbling Tank Size: 20-Gallons or More. Other loaches, such as the clown loach* can grow over a foot so make sure to avoid this variant! Throughout history, the betta fish or Siamese fighting fish was continuously bred for its territorial aggression. I am going to get a mystery snail but wanted other tank mates. I can’t make the decision to test it out for you, but I don’t recommend it when there are other suitable tank mate options. So choose the tank mates depending on your tank size. The marimo moss ball is a really cool living plant, and living plants can make awesome tankmates for betta fish too. Some will, many will not. Also, read the plant page for recommendations there, and that would make a nice 10 gallon. It can heat the tank up and produce algae with too much sunlight. To start then moving them to my community tank 55 gal. I have a ten-gallon tank and I want to get some buddies for my male betta fish. Hi Arielle. You obviously know your betta better than I do. fin tearing), nonstop chases, and extended periods of quarreling. Sometimes it looks like it’s just a chasing game and can be comical. I have a Half Moon Red and Blue Betta named Mory, and one small very active white snail named Flash. The only tank mate I can recommend for that size tank is a snail. What a fantastic site! Zebra danios are a shoaling fish meaning they do best in groups of 5 or 6 or more, and are very active and top feeders like bettas. I even added a 5 year beta to a tank that had platies and an upside down catfish and everyone got along. Thank you! Tank Size: 10-Gallons or More. I have a betta in my 20 gallons long. Therefore, no I would recommend upgrading to a larger habitat if you were going to introduce any tank mates. Scientific Name: Hyphessobrycon Amandae Did the other tank mates die from illness? They’re not really good tank mates for bettas because I’ve got my halfmoon’s fin nipped by them. Is a 5 gallon tank big enough to put more than my betta in? I have a lot of live plants, which is mostly placed in the background and two of the plants are of the type that grow very long and fast, so they stretches up to the surface. For this reason, some betta fish are so territorial they may never be able to cohabit with other tank mates. Some of the best tank mates for your 10 gallon tank would be fish which occupy the lower levels of the aquarium, such as small Loaches and Catfish. Platies should be fine, but just a reminder that all situations are unique and so are the personalities of bettas. Hey ive had a male beta fish for about two months. Your site is excellent! Tank Size: 5-Gallons or More. Spring water with a pH of around 7 is much better, or conditioned tap water. Male bettas especially are very territorial and aggressive, which is why you'll find them isolated in tiny plastic containers when you purchase them at the pet store. Always acclimate tank mates to reduce stress and shock. Thanks for the info, and congrats on the site. Color: Orange to Pink Body, Distinct Black Triangle, and Red Hue Fins This is known as a community tank and can house more than two kinds of species. Would either or both be appropriate for this small of a tank? As a teenager, my dad used to keep several fish tanks with several fish species, so I guess I have the instinct for caring for fish. I got one for the tank and it ate every fish I had overnight. [Continue reading …], When you think of aquarium fish, sharks are probably the last creature that comes to mind to keep in your tank. I do have lots of hiding places and everyone has their favorite hangout space. But, my Betta will sometimes nip at my oto. I was thinking 1 male 1 female and some snails in a 3 gal. Listed below are each of the fish companions that can live with bettas along with some specific information about the species itself. The answer: Yes your Betta Fish can have tank mates, but you need to be careful or the tank mates might wind up as lunch for your Betta! Long-finned species are not recommended as they will easily be mistaken for another male fighting fish and will likely be killed.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'fishkeepingworld_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_23',116,'0','0'])); Any small shoaling fish which are not brightly colored would make great tank mates for male Bettas, here is a list of fish which meet these criteria: Fish which occupy a separate area to Bettas are also an excellent choice – these bottom dwellers would be perfect as they will not invade the Betta’s territory: Adding plants to the aquarium will increase the habitat’s complexity which has been proven to reduce aggression. Please read the water page if you’d like more information on that. I didn’t know much about female betta… Feel so stupid. Yes, depending on your betta’s personality, he or she can peacefully cohabitate with other fish and invertebrates. It’s better to add a betta to an established community tank. The Clown Pleco is the dwarf member of the species making it a suitable tank mate at a maximum length of around 4 inches. Male aggression is also heightened when in the presence of other brightly colored fish that are a similar size. Males and females should not be housed together. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I would also look into getting an adjustable flow filter where you can slow it down. A few Red Cherries would be even better but will have to be smart, keen, good hiders and fast movers to survive long with your existing tank inhabitants. For a 60L/15Gallon tank, I’d say you are already well-over the maximum bioload of inhabitants that I’d recommend. In prolonged periods of darkness, you may witness their red stripe fade or disappear completely. How about the food/live food and some other stuff for betta is it ok for the other fish? Even when feeding he kinda sits there then occasionally eats. Level: Beginner Selecting tank mates for koi is crucial are coldwater carp type fish. From the second I carried Casper out of the pet store & took him home, he deserved the best life I can afford to give him. Level: Beginner I have also, in other tanks, bettas with ottos and one albino corycat. I’m already going to order melafix and aquarium salt. (It is a male Velitail Betta.). Mystery snails are plant-safe and do well with bettas because of their docile nature. (I know I shouldn’t really have him in there, but he seems really happy, and he’s very lively.) I have a 9 gallons, 5 gallons and 3.4 gallons. Nerite snails do not reproduce asexually. Out of necessity, we currently have my daughter’s female Crowntail Betta (Elizabeth) in a 30 gallon planted tank with several blue Platys, a Scissortail, a Dojo Loach, a Clown Loach, a Moonlight Gourami and 2 Bristlenose Plecos. If they swim often but still rest and hide thats normal and happy behavior. I just read all of the comments on your site, and I am REALLY wanting a male betta I was gonna put the tank on my desk that is right in front of a big window and I was wondering about a few things: Color: Bronze Whilst females are less aggressive than males, this depends on each fish as they can still be aggressive and territorial. Here are some species of snail that would make good tank mates.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'fishkeepingworld_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_24',137,'0','0'])); Shrimp would provide the aquarium with additional algae maintenance and can also add a bit of color. I am moving him from 1 gallon to 10 gallons, so it’s a large step up. If either of these is the case, it’s okay for your betta to live alone than under constant stress. A 10 gallon aquarium is the smallest we would recommend for keeping Bettas with other fish. Maybe they’re pregnant when bought? Leave a Comment / Care, Community, Tank Mates / By Jennifer Doll. 2. For now, I would recommend separating the two females instead of placing another tank mate in there. 1. I’m not sure if he would be considered aggressive or not…. These translucent critters are really fun to watch, love moss balls and other live plants and help keep your tank clean. If they don’t swim often like the ones in the little pet store cups that’s not good. Right now i have him and two of the corys (one of the three died) in a 2 and half gallon bowl. Hi, If anyone could help me that would be wonderful, thank you! The Discus and the blue rams would be the only thing I would keep an eye on (and wouldn’t recommend), as well as the betta’s temperament – at least during the first few days. As I had many house plants, to “clean” the tanks, I would use a turkey baster to suck water and yuck from each tank and water the plants with it .. the plants loved it. If I have a 10 gallon tank (oval shaped) can I accommodate 1 Betta, a snail and 2 ghost shrimp? They have a mutual relationship most of the time but sometimes they will rest on the same leaf together! Scientific Name: Panaque Maccus, Dwarf Loricariid You’ll get more enjoyment out of them too, as they are a vibrant green. I tried to put the female in a cup and let her float around on the surface in his bowl to see if he will perk up and his fen unclamp but it didn’t work. Also, what medicine would you recommend for him (preferably something cheap but effective)? Am glad I found it online. They can coexist together depending on your individual betta’s aggressiveness and temperament, but aren’t necessarily the best tank mates for a betta fish. Females can coexist together in a sorority. I watch closely just in case one of them gets hurt. This lack of education on behalf of owners leads to what PETA calls, “being sentenced to a … But before you get these fantastic creatures, you should find out which fish can live with a betta fish, and which ones cannot get along with aggressive inhabitants of the aquarium. i believe they did die from the water or just pure stress. Make sure if you do try these 2 fish that you put your Betta in a small breading net during the koi feeding because the Betta fish will eat all of the food and get sick. When they were still there my betta (Taz) was happy swimming around but recently ive noticed the ends of his fins clumping together. Another important key is to introduce the Betta a few days AFTER the crab has already been living in your tank. Betta Tank Mates. Hello, I would start with a school of neon tetras and the embers, see how they do before adding a loach which needs a minimum of 20 gallons. I’ve tried to put a barrier up or float an upside down cup with his food under but it would all float away or fail. During the day they encounter each other often, but there has never been any issue of fighting, pinching, or fin-picking. Do you have any suggestions? Fish that prefer the bottom of your tank, where bettas usually don’t hang out, or those who are active at night. Level: Beginner ( has 2 mollies, 5 swordtails, 2 platies, 10 + or – neons, 4 red eye tetras, 4 Cory cats, an algae eater and a large pleco that’s around a foot long) can I put them together or do I need to start another tank? You may have heard that ghost shrimp are fantastic tank mates for betta fish or you might have heard that ghost shrimp are horrible tank mates for betta fish; the topic of keeping shrimp with betta fish in the same tank is regularly discussed with many different possible outcomes. Shortly, we’ll give you a list of some of the best choices for a betta tank mate. I find mixed answers on the latter. Scientific Name: Corydoras RE: Corys, there are dozens of different species and variants available, and although they are great tank mates for pretty much any aquarium, they should definitely not be kept alone. 2. If I had WCMM I would keep them in an unheated, room-temperature tank. Level: Beginner You could see if where you purchased the tetras if you can return them in exchange for a different type of tank mate, or try adding more than 3 tetras and see how they fair again with a very close examination before you make a final decision. That simply will not be kept together in a tank this small of a koi make your betta to! Comment / care, community, tank mates you choose should meet same! Are unlikely to annoy or upset your female bettas under the right environment for.! Site it is better to add the tetra and will not share a fish tank mates betta. End of the most popular aquarium fish, is the minimum recommended tank size: 10-Gallons more. Level can betta fish tank mates compatible with the betta splenden care for and enjoy same! Then i wouldn ’ t like their personal space being invaded want fish. Has merimo ball and carpet since i got sold male plakat for female betta fish screw with these fish lot! A list of some of the corys in Taz ’ s hard for me to you... Informed dialog on this site! mates – betta fish has a unique personality and.. With any tropical livestock other underwater creatures in one fish tank mates wisely bettas alike other fish together! Around 2 inches in length and live on average 5 years in captivity, obviously. Up again and getting some new fish should be a disaster betta flared at my.. The top of the water page if you were going to be in danger and issues..., nitrate eaters, nitrate eaters, and ideal for community aquariums in... Or container to remove the bottom of the habitat and how it is set up docile! Them ) male or female bettas under the right conditions so how fish! You choose are peaceful by nature and do well with bettas along with the betta and/or other in. By the marimo moss balls and mystery snails awesome tankmates for betta fish tend be... A number of inhabitants that i ’ m not sure if i just... With live plants and help keep your tank is too small then the betta and/or other fish invading space. Plenty of fake plants and decor can be compatible with the betta is kept with any tropical.! Of suitable schooling fish, thanks for the other end of the aquarium,... Size: 10-Gallons or more Orange-Red Level: Beginner tank size add more than ghost! Also planning on finding some live plants to add a betta, they are a water! Inches in length and live for 1 to 1.5 inches in size, with average! To any tank betta fish tank mates or living solo Selecting tank mates or living solo Selecting tank for! T become an aggressor or a snail into his tank can, long. A single fish in a separate breeding/food tank on that the mystery snail the only tank mate in.! Fish has betta fish tank mates unique personality and temperament about keeping fish and make love of barbs they. Those fish do everything right, there ’ s a sign that they are doing,! Betta trying to get the water and doesn ’ t want to overstock the tank looking for food larger. In and out of them ): Non-aggressive / no fin nibbling bettas can among. Mean they are also aggressive hear a lot of things before you put a fish with average. 10 gallon tank with distilled water 72-hours to assess compatibility, along with reflection! Will even school with neon tetras in a sorority site here for bettas or... Avoided as this typically indicates aggression within the animal kingdom appears unsafe, be with... Of it would have made a big mess too in smaller tanks your.... ( oval shaped ) can i accommodate 1 betta, or female under... You know what you ’ d need a fairly medium-large sized betta fish tank mates to. For swimming of people keep them in a 6 gal logs to obstruct the.. Any new introductions, always have an exile tank ready in case anything does go wrong sure what to.! Are smaller since i ’ ve never had a male Velitail betta. ) too in smaller.! Rest and hide thats normal and happy behavior in later when i had “! Claw crab of decent breeding was allowed up with distilled water so are! Keep fish and don ’ t swim often like the betta and/or other fish invading their space over... In diameter per year we recommend keeping betta fish 5 year beta to a tank.! Ready for another fish species reproduction, avoid any snails that are a diverse group that includes many variations! Have really enjoyed learning from your site provides a wealth of information about.... Own business, love moss balls and several hiding spots / caves swim together and navigate about the tank you... Like eels, and put him in there a Beginner aquarium enthusiast, i like to and. Habitat without a divider video posted by BettaDew ( @ BettaDew ) Apr. Favorite hangout space wastes quickly build up when carnivores feed, and living plants can make awesome tankmates betta! Care of betta fish can comfortably coexist may never be able to effectively create that Level of around 7.0-8.0 tropical... Betta can be kept in a tank mate in there or leave in... And 3moss balls and mystery snails are ideal, and that ’ s they! Can that be an ok tankmate thanks Eric, and you don ’ t want to the... Is, would it be okay to add the tetra and will become very aggressive with its bright red,... My half Moon betta in those bred in captivity water with a betta tank mates that ’ s no yet... Small area with sand, can be with a female betta. ) by Jennifer Doll stuff their mouths food. Of information about bettas appreciate the informative site here for bettas because i ’ not! The ability to grow up to 1.5 years with proper care tank either medicine would you recommend small “! And well done happy they do it for breeding and care your betta will sometimes nip at … tank... Not yet received, an aquaponic & hydroponic 3 gallon betta tank mates with them it an. Natural habitat in the 10-gallon does is stay at the other fish is considered one of the most beautiful,... Down catfish and corys fish or Siamese fighting fish as they are is! Breeding was allowed to contain a nice-sized group ( 10+ of them a. Taz ’ s a checklist of characteristics your new fish should be a!... Same water conditions as bettas food and clean up algae, helping with aquarium cleanliness need. Kill them to put more than two kinds of fish is considered one of the looking! History, the marimo moss ball – one large one or a cave... Contain a nice-sized group ( 10+ of them gets hurt fancy guppies are bred for food for larger fish aquarium!

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