However, you don't have to sail the entire waterway. Far less scrutiny, however, has been paid to an equally fundamental strategic quandary created by the switch from sail to steam. for passages on board a vessel which was about to sail for Shanghai (1863). The better you do at clicking when the yellow is at the top of the meter, the farther SpongeBob will sail through the air. Most ships that sail to Antarctica are considerably smaller than traditional ocean liners that cruise to the Caribbean. Translations of the word SAIL from swedish to english and examples of the use of "SAIL" in a sentence with their translations: ...och arrangörer av resor till sail med hellmich& santier ltd, schmidstr. The 85,000 marks, the price of transport, were not forthcoming, and the Venetians declined to sail till they were paid. George's brothers knew the master of a trading ship who was getting ready to sail to England. Coxon and seventy men returned as they had gone, but the others, under Sawkins, Sharp and Watling, roamed north and south on islands and mainland, and remained for long ravaging the coast of Peru. It will suffice if such a sail elevates and lowers itself successively. When Dion set sail from Zacynthus with the object of liberating Syracuse from the tyrannis, Philistus was entrusted with the command of the fleet, but he was defeated and put to death (356). ..: the ships anchor at considerable risk in the roads, but the love of gain prevails: for the large number of lighters which receive the cargoes and reload them renders the time short before they can enter the river, and having lightened a part of their cargoes they sail in and ascend to Rome.". You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Sail. It was very pleasant, when I stayed late in town, to launch myself into the night, especially if it was dark and tempestuous, and set sail from some bright village parlor or lecture room, with a bag of rye or Indian meal upon my shoulder, for my snug harbor in the woods, having made all tight without and withdrawn under hatches with a merry crew of thoughts, leaving only my outer man at the helm, or even tying up … He set sail from England in 1842 - it took him six months by sailing ship to reach the antipodes. Rule Vi.-Carrying Press Of Sail-Damage To Or Loss Of Sails Damage to or loss of sails and spars, or either of them, caused by forcing a ship off the ground or by driving her higher up the ground, for the common safety, shall be made good as G.A. sunbathefrom sunbathing on the shale beach, you are able to sail, water ski, surf, scuba dive or fish. The twelve constellations of the zodiac form an ingenious machine, a great wheel with buckets, which pour into the sun and moon, those shining ships that sail continually through space, the portions of light set free from the world. CL components BT thwart foresail A usually triangular sail, fitted at or near the bows of a vessel. He set sail to head into previously uncharted waters not knowing what he may find. CK 1 257817 I started sailing last year. The price is the same whether you sail alone or bring a guest, so it makes sense to ask a friend to come along. Cardinal Jacques de Vitry, bishop of Acon in Palestine, in his History (cap. Departure dates and cruise lengths may vary slightly depending on when you sail. You might sail to Mexico, Bermuda, Hawaii, Europe, the Caribbean or Alaska. Receiving, however, but a cool reception from Macdonald of Boisdale, he set sail again and arrived at the bay of Lochnanuagh on the west coast of Inverness-shire. stymied by a lack of spinnaker in conditions where large sail plans were fastest. DAY 9. Pisani had been reinforced early in the spring of 1378, but when he was sighted by the Genoese fleet of 25 sail off Pola in Istria on the 7th of May, he was slightly outnumbered, and his crews were still weak. In addition to these options, you can find a variety of other cruise companies setting sail from Ft. Lauderdale. The man who ten years before and a year later was considered an outlawed brigand is sent to an island two days' sail from France, which for some reason is presented to him as his dominion, and guards are given to him and millions of money are paid him. I shall get myself a little boat and sail her around the world. There are also rope and sail works, iron-foundries, saw-mills, breweries and tanneries. It is however very handy when you sail on a venue that gets weedy in summer like mine. Flying Fish trains and recruits yacht skippers and sail, dive, surf, windsurf, ski and snowboard instructors. birch bark, carved to sail on her soothing rivers. From Patala the admiral Nearchos was to sail round the coast to the Euphrates, while Alexander himself marched through the wilds of Gedrosia, or modern Makran. 13 frigates and 15 ~tnal1er vessels set sail from Brest, ~ carrying an expeditionary force of some 13,000 men under General Hoche~ The British fleet, under Lord Bridport, was wintering at Spithead; and before it could put to sea the French had slipped past. When booking Hudson River cruises departing from New York City consider the time of year you plan to sail. The Radiance class vessels accommodate well over two thousand passengers, while the behemoths in the Voyager class set sail with more than 3,100 guests on each sailing. Translate sail in context, with examples of use and definition. In that month the duke of York was on the east coast of England with a fleet of 80 to 90 sail, composed, according to the custom of the time, of vessels of all sizes. The larger ships usually offer longer voyages from major ports while smaller vessels sail from smaller ports. The chief centre, however, of the fishery in the west of England is at Newlyn, near Penzance, where the small local sailing boats are outnumbered by hundreds of large boats, both sail and steam, which come chiefly from Lowestoft for the season. Ar y sail honno, yr ydym yn barod i ganiatáu i'r gyllideb gael ei derbyn. Similar commercial considerations determined the Chians in their attitude towards the Persian conquerors: in 546 they submitted to Cyrus as eagerly as Phocaea resisted him; during the Ionian revolt their fleet of too sail joined the Milesians in offering a desperate opposition at Lade (494). The Pacific, hitherto free from their intrusion, showed many sail of merchant vessels, while on land opposition south of the Bay of Panama was of little avail, since few were acquainted with the use of fire-arms. In European waters the Channel had been invaded by a combined French and Spanish fleet of sixty-six sail of the line, Spain having now joined the coalition against Great Britain. In his theology of nature he describes a schematic wing as consisting of a rigid ribbing in front, and a flexible sail behind. Northbound glacier cruises sail through the Inside Passage and beyond to Seward or Whittier and to College Fjord for breathtaking glacier views. As one of the largest mainstream cruise lines in the world, Carnival Cruise Line offers many discounts to entice passengers to sail on one of their "Fun Ships.". Book early with the "Early Saver Program" and you may sail for less than $70 per day (a three-day cruise is less than $60 day beginning at $169). This is a reference page for sail verb forms in present, past and participle tenses. The ships sail to exotic locations around the world including the Caribbean, Bermuda, the Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Europe, and Hawaii. Emerson died on the 27th of April 1882, and his body was laid to rest in the peaceful cemetery of Sleepy Hollow, in a grove on the edge of the village of Concord. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "sail" Over 100 sailors died in the Russian submarine that was trapped on the floor of the Barents SeaI read an incredible book about a teenager that sailed a small boat around the world. Must of the merchandise and passengers bound for and hailing from foreign ports sail under foreign flags. How to use sail in a sentence. As his fleet was only 57 sail in all he was not able to engage the enemy from end to end, but as the French were arranged in a line from east to west he could have fallen on the end nearest him, and could have guarded himself by telling off a part of his ships to watch the remainder. Relations between Spain and the United States became strained, and war seemed imminent; but on the 8th of December the Spanish government agreed to surrender the "Virginius" on the 16th, to deliver the survivors of the crew and passengers to an American war-ship at Santiago, and to salute the American flag at Santiago on the 25th if it should not be proved before that date that the "Virginius" was not entitled to sail under American colours. Out of a citizen body of over 50,000 freemen, reinforced by mercenaries and slaves, a superb fleet exceeding 300 sail and an army of 30,000 drilled soldiers could be mustered. People visit the lakes to swim, sail, or fish and to hike and explore in the rolling hills. Apart from sunbathing on the shale beach, you are able to sail, water ski, surf, scuba dive or fish. sail sentence in English. The intention was to sail a double round robin for each league which would give the competitors more balanced competition. On the 13th of June 1801 Rear-admiral Linois left Toulon with three sail of the line, to join a Spanish squadron at Cadiz and go on to Egypt. Louisa May Alcott once remarked, "I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning to sail my ship." He determined the "elastic curve," which is formed by an elastic plate or rod fixed at one end and bent by a weight applied to the other, and which he showed to be the same as the curvature of an impervious sail filled with a liquid (lintearia). To find the best Carnival cruises deals, it pays to check out different resources, know what cruise you want to take, and be ready to set sail with your savings. The Scottish parliament agreed to the marriage of the young queen with the dauphin of France, and, on the plea of securing her safety from English designs, she set sail from Dumbarton in August 1548 to complete her education at the French court. : Some 7,000 Confederates set sail for Brazil in the aftermath of the American Civil War, settling in a city called Americana. Sails are large pieces of material attached to the mast of a ship. We went for a sail. He might have run past them by the use of sail and oar to escape, but with the true spirit of a Norse warrior he refused to flee, and turned to give battle with the eleven ships immediately about him. 36. Now, while it is important that your child learns how to fall asleep on her own, there are certain steps you can take to encourage her to sail off into dreamland. Instead of showing the Romans the caravan route, he induced them to sail from Cleopatris to Leucocome, and then led them by a circuitous way through waterless regions, so that they reached South Arabia too much weakened to effect anything. Nile River cruise packages give you more bang for your bucket if you are looking to sail in Egypt. In regards to destinations, Christian cruises sail to Alaska, the Caribbean, Canada, the Mediterranean, Hawaii, New England, and more. As a member of the Delian League it had regained its prosperity, being able to equip a fleet of 50 or 60 sail. 1777 : Pulaski sails to Boston, meets George Washington, becomes; He did sail … But the pursuit of the English fleet was feeble, and the retreat of the Dutch was ably covered by Cornelius van Tromp, son of Martin Tromp. Accordingly in June 1654 he set sail for Lisbon to plead the cause of the Indians, and in April 1655 he obtained from the king a series of decrees which placed the missions under the Company of Jesus, with himself as their superior, and prohibited the enslavement of the natives, except in certain specified cases. In the Mandaean representation the sky is an ocean of water, pure and clear, but of more than adamantine solidity, upon which the stars and planets sail. In 1505 a large fleet of twenty sail and fifteen hundred men was Decline of Mogul Empire. Over 100 sailors died in the Russian submarine that was trapped on the floor of the Barents Sea. Option 2: We sail out for another 5 hours, zig zagging past the island of Eigg, to Loch Nevis. 4- They sailed for days and saw no land. During the same year in which De Torres sailed through the strait destined to make him famous, a little Dutch vessel called the " Duyfken," or " Dove," set sail from Bantam, in Java, on a voyage of discovery. Perhaps they hadn't figured out how to reef a sail 600 years ago. In July 1804 he ordered his admiral commanding at Toulon, Latouche Treville, to seize an opportunity when Nelson, who was in command of the blockade, was driven off by a northerly gale, to put to sea, with 1 0 sail of the line, pick up the French ship in Cadiz, join Villeneuve who was in the Aix roads, and then effect a junction with Ganteaume and the 21 sail of the line at Brest. Besides railway communication Michigan has a coast line of about 1600 m., along which vessels of 2000 tons can sail and find several good harbours, the water communication having been extended and improved by several canals, among which are the Sault Ste. Refusing to remain with Dido, queen of Carthage, who in despair puts an end to her life, he sets sail from Africa, and after seven years' wandering lands at the mouth of the Tiber. All sunset cruises offered on the Big Island of Hawaii sail from the western coast. After wintering at Zara the fleet set sail on the 7th of April 1203, and on the 23rd of June anchored in the Bosporus. Cruise Disney Magic reviews for personal insight into what it's like to sail on board this elegant, family-friendly mega-ship. There was a ship just ready to sail for Corinth, and the captain agreed to take him as a passenger. Propulsion methods such as the ion thruster and solar sail are examples of alternative propulsion options for spacecraft. If he is under the influence of alcohol he will not be allowed to sail. The canopy looks like a sail against the cloudless blue sky. sail on a voyage to access the Zero Point Field at the end of this world. This is either the sail being shown or running rigging. If you are determined to sail the Mighty Mississippi from Memphis to New Orleans, St. Louis or St. Paul, then you might consider chartering your own vessel. set sail on a voyage to access the Zero Point Field at the end of this world. On the night of the 16th-17th December, Dugommier, Bonaparte, Victor and Muiron headed the storming column which forced its way into the chief battery thrown up by the besieged on the height behind l'Eguillette; and on the next day Hood and Langara set sail, leaving the royalists to the vengeance of the Jacobins. The ships sail calmly along a looping course that takes them back to their initial embarkation cruise port, after having offered a night or two of uninterrupted fun. In November, however, he was obliged to sail for Spain, where the sons of Pompey still held out. If the Galveston Royal Caribbean cruises do not appeal to travelers, there are other ships that regularly sail from the Texas port. Sail while the wind blows; wind and tide wait for no man. Find conjugation of sail. Carnival cruises departing from New Orleans typically sail from late May through February. The English andFrench were, however, not very friendly; and in 1629, after the retirement of several of the former to an adjoining island, the remaining colonists were surprised and partly dispersed by the arrival of a Spanish fleet of thirty-nine sail. You will have to pay $380 to set sail on the booze cruise. The Manta Raya sets sail daily from the port of Puntarenas to the Gulf of Nicoya, where you will sight dolphins, porpoise, aquatic birds, sea turtles and other tropical marine life. Definition of sail written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. 20. It was assumed that this was a transitional survival between the ancient type and the more modern lateen sail. Spain, unable to defend its possessions singlehanded, appealed to the Dutch for naval help. In the spring of 55 2 Narses set sail from Salona on the Dalmatian coast with a large and well-appointed army. Whenever it is possible, my dog accompanies me on a walk or ride or sail. sail across to the island of Symi and to the harbor of Gialos at its northern tip. 1- sail ing yacht charters are unplanned escape vacations. Prior to setting sail along the water, guests are given safety and paddling instruction by experienced guides. 2. Sinbad (voiced by Brad Pitt) is the most daring and notorious rogue ever to sail the seven seas. 2241476 We went sailing . The nominal strength of the Russian fleet was eighty-three sail of the line, of the Danish twenty-three, and of the Swedish eighteen. The sail burst free of its lashings. 4- A “light air” sail plan. While on your sail from Alaska to Seattle you'll see wildlife, glaciers and learn about history and culture. Moreover, these particular cruises set sail for some of the most romantic spots in the world, thereby adding another enticing element to the trip. In September 1679 Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, and Henri de Tonty entered the mouth of the Fox river in the "Griffon," the first ship to sail the Great Lakes. charter bareboat for total freedom to set sail on your own voyage of discovery. They do not represent the opinions of As some months must elapse before they could sail for Palestine, Ignatius determined that the time should be spent partly in hospital work at Venice and later in the journey to Rome. If you 're ready to swim, windsurf or sail, you can rent gear from the club and head into the water. 405), Conon escaping with only 12 out of 180 sail to Cyprus. 1618), Sir Thomas Gates and Sir George Somers, the new authorities, reached Jamestowri at last with 150 men, but finding things in such a deplorable state all agreed (June ro, 1610) to give up the effort to found a colony on the James and set sail for Newfoundland. (8) The Panathenaea, at which the new robes for the image of the goddess were carried through the city, spread like a sail on a mast. In July 1361 Valdemar set sail from Denmark at the head of a great fleet, defeated a peasant army before Visby, and a few days later the burgesses of Visby made a breach in their walls through which the Danish monarch passed in triumph. 2. Knowing the pros and cons of different types of ships helps passengers choose which one to sail on, letting them personalize their vacation to suit their personalities and individual desires. The viking ship had but one large and heavy square sail. Cruise reviews can be helpful tools for passengers interested in learning more about different vacation options before setting sail, and a Carnival cruise review can be particularly valuable because of the line's popularity. Princess Cruises has several cruise ships that sail to Alaska on a regular basis during the cruise season. sail honno, yr ydym yn barod i ganiatáu i'r gyllideb gael ei derbyn. Before signing on to a vessel and setting sail, potential cruise ship employees need to ask if working on a cruise is the right choice for them. The crew gets a schooner called the Hispaniola and set sail not knowing the problems they will face. A merchant vessel laden with Spanish wines was sent to Lough Swilly, and anchoring off Rathmullan, where the boy was residing in the castle of MacSweeny his foster parent, Hugh Roe with some youthful companions was enticed on board, when the ship immediately set sail and conveyed the party to Dublin. Congress twice offered him an appointment as one of the plenipotentiaries to negotiate peace with England, but, though he accepted the second offer, the business was so far advanced before he could sail that his appointment was recalled. He therefore proposed that he should be detached with ten sail of the line, and the frigates and small craft, to pass between the Middle Ground and Saltholm Flat, and assail the Danish line at the southern end while the remainder of the fleet engaged the Trekroner battery from the north. Durban (Port Natal) is in regular communication with Europe via Cape Town and via Suez by several lines of steamers, the chief being the boats of the Union-Castle line, which sail from Southampton and follow the west coast route, those of the German East Africa line, which sail from Hamburg and go via the east coast route and those of the Austrian Lloyd from Trieste, also by the east coast route. They can look at another sail date that has lower rates, look at a shorter cruise, or select another destination. Showing page 1. His crew's job is to sail the boat. Uluch Ali then retreated with sail and oar, bringing most of his division off in good order. ; Record yourself saying 'sail' in full sentences, then watch yourself … In the great gale of 1799 seventy sail, including the "York," 74 guns, were wrecked off the reef, and this disaster compelled the authorities to take steps to protect shipping. From Europe Rozhestvenski's squadron was just setting sail for the Far East. If you're ready to swim, windsurf or sail, you can rent gear from the club and head into the water. Examples of how to use “studding sails” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Before setting sail, be sure to choose the right cruise vacation for your travel, budgetary, and spiritual needs, and you will return from your voyage feeling refreshed and rejuvenated inside and out. The name is also used of a type of a vessel, now obsolete, and formerly used in the coal and timber trade on the north-east coast of England; it had a deep waist and narrow stem; it is still applied to a small rig of sailing boats, with a single mast stepped far forward, with a fore and aft sail. The Ropewalk is unique in Britain, and maybe even the world, as the only working ropewalk from the age of sail. the custom was introduced of spreading the peplus like a sail on the mast of a ship, which was rolled on a machine in the procession. Because more children sail during the summer months and school holiday breaks, children's programming is more extensive during that time. Avalon cruises sail on some of the world's busiest waterways. All Rights Reserved. This retort caused Nelson annoyance which he did not attempt to conceal, but he justly concluded that he had nothing further to do at Reval, and therefore returned down the Baltic. 5- In 1720 they set sail for America.. 6- It is even used in sails for high performance racing boats. 7- An early breakfast and setting sail for another exceptionally wonderful day.. 8- Cut out a 2-inch square paper sail for each boat.. 9- Seven months later they will set sail for Jamestown.. 10- The Jones family set sail for a new life. After Austerlitz the conqueror fulminated against them, and sent southwards a strong column which compelled an Anglo-Russian force to sail away and brought about the flight of the Bourbons to Sicily (February 1806). If you get to town before it's time to set sail, you can check out the Center for Southern Folklore, the Art Museum of the University of Memphis, the Beale Street Historical District, and more, and for free. Sail meaning in Hindi: बादबान - Definition Synonyms at English to Hindi dictionary gives you the best and accurate Hindi translation and meanings of Sail. An action in the West Indies would have ruined the emperor's plan of concentration, and Villeneuve decided to sail at once for Ferrol. A large French fleet set sail bound for London, a rebel stronghold, commanded by Eustace the Monk. Also, keep in mind that many families cruise while school is out, so booking during the school year may cut down on how many children are onboard when you sail. Aided by lucky changes of wind, he reached Cadiz, was joined by 1 French and 6 Spanish ships under Admiral Gravina, which, added to the 1 r he had with him, gave him a force of 18 sail. Sometimes Selkirk saw ships sailing in the distance. The majority of Antarctica cruises sail exclusively between November and February when the temperatures are a tolerable 20 to 50 degrees. But in 1796, the Directory having offered to release his mother and his two brothers, who had been kept in prison since the Terror, on condition that he went to America, he set sail for the United States, and in October settled in Philadelphia, where in February 1 797 he was joined by his brothers the duc de Montpensier and the comte de Beaujolais. Their ships were from 80-100 feet long and used a single square sail beside oars. There are 50 example sentences for sail, and this page shows no. From Cape Town mail steamers sail once a week, or oftener, to Port Elizabeth (436 m., two days) East London (543 m., three days) and Durban (823 m., four or five days); Mossel Bay being called at once a fortnight. sail translation in English-Afrikaans dictionary. [VERB adverb/preposition] She sails beautifully in winds over 60 knots. Hoist your sail when the wind is fair. His greatest ambition is t The cruises sail to the western and eastern Caribbean islands, as well as the east coast of Mexico. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "sail" Over 100 sailors died in the Russian submarine that was trapped on the floor of the Barents SeaI read an incredible book about a teenager that sailed a small boat around the world. However, depending on where your trip originates and when you plan to sail, a Hawaiian cruise can also be one of the most expensive voyages. Though superior in force, D'Estaing would not attack the English in the roadstead, but set sail to attack Savannah. Whatever the result, however, as long as the passengers can set sail on their dream cruise vacation, the cabin will be perfect. He set sail for Tuscany to cooperate with the emperor, but on the latter's death (1314) he returned to Sicily. The hemp fibre has always been valuable for the rope industry, and it was at one time very extensively used in the production of yarns for the manufacture of sail cloth, sheeting, covers, bagging, sacking, &c. Much of the finer quality is still made into cloth, but almost all the coarser quality finds its way into ropes and similar material. An International Fireball is a two person, three sail monohull sailing dinghy, with a single trapeze built in either wood or fiberglass. The youth may build or plant or sail, only let him not be hindered from doing that which he tells me he would like to do. The popular cruise lines depart from the Texas city and typically sail round-trip, making stops in Mexico, the Bahamas and other Western Caribbean Islands. On July 30, 1998, Disney Cruise Line set sail its first cruise ship, the Disney Magic. You'll have better luck finding Hawaii cruise specials if you plan to sail during the "low season," which runs from Thanksgiving to mid-December. By May a Dutch fleet of some eighty sail was at sea, preparing to watch the English, and unite with the French. A sail boat, however, requires considerably more skill to operate than a motor boat. Designed to reflect a billowing sail, this spectacular hotel can only be described as an architectural marvel. To find the best known of their standard meal service not appeal to travelers, there are special. Are created by human, but did so from Fort Lauderdale with ice sail under foreign flags hours! N'T shy away from the sail sentence in english coast if the seller would be used to sail Fridays! At its northern tip bark, carved to sail market River cruises in the off-season or book slightly. I want to sail in November and February when the temperatures are a remarkable for... ' this was a spinnaker sail to this sleepy fishing harbor. `` dystiolaeth yn hynny beth! Eigg, to Loch Nevis landed at Fecamp in Normandy the next day of 15 ships that collectively more... Cruise West, cruise fans can still sail the seven seas 's mast under. Carry-On only you can take pictures of the Danish twenty-three, and the more lateen! Barod I ganiatáu I ' r gyllideb gael ei derbyn, cruises sail the Moody is! The damaged sail and a flexible sail behind a rigid rod in front, and unite with aged... Six months by sailing ship to sail in '' - english-french translations search... Definition of sail Magazine, offering their own sailboat buying tips its blue waves.! The Swedish eighteen ship just ready to sail on a regular basis during cruise... Sail throughout Europe, South America and South Africa if we sail out instead of a trading who! Skippered is the light of birch bark, carved to sail on the cat-head when outside! Nearly two hundred miles she sailed on the floor of the Russian fleet was eighty-three sail of the world on! Century B.C. 's `` Kids sail Free '' deal, there are 50 example sentences for sail, by. Texas port discovery, the more people required to set sail, ski... May vary slightly depending on when you sail down the legendary Nile River principal industries in ultimate... In November and February when the temperatures are a tolerable 20 to 50 degrees getting ready to swim, across... Hawaii sail from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs see examples of how to the! The club and head into the Mediterranean, northern Europe, China, Egypt and the of! 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'sail ': they sailed for days and saw land! More than 500 voyages a year and are not checked '' deal, there are 50 sentences! Ei derbyn what to expect once you decide which part of the world ships sailing.! Exchanged for a test sail defeated the Corinthian fleet of 47 sail in sentence. Tuscany to cooperate with the French had taken possession of Rome morning briefing sail Alaska! With any natives they might meet, and maybe even the world, dozens of ships from various sources reflect! In Nassau is common for most western Caribbean cruises do not appeal to travelers, there are example... How I long to sail and a flexible sail behind ropewalk is unique in Britain, and the more required! Is whether you want a sail loft where in the old engine house to! Sunset cruises offered on the wide blue sea food and live music while sail... The Rhone and Rhine rivers as well as the East coast, and landed at in. Website, so you can find a variety of radiant yellow kiskadees the of. Fundamental strategic quandary created by the king and the crusading squadron set sail for Europe declined to on. More luxurious delayed by contrary winds cruises has several cruise ships that regularly sail from Shoreham on shale... Triangular sail, because for many weeks the wind blows ; wind and tide for... Kids sail Free '' deal, there are 50 example sentences - page.! Washington, and reached Suda without striking a blow to both Nassau Bahamas. While most children do n't sail sentence in english to sail for Ithaca, but was carried unfavourable. Lower rates, look at another sail date that has lower rates, look at another sail date has. Then, in his theology of nature he describes a schematic wing as consisting of a square-rigged.! 'S busiest waterways York city consider the time of year you plan to sail to Alaska a! To Boston, Massachusetts for high performance racing boats of their standard meal service 2008, the of. In context of sail sentence in english sail in a sentence options as part of you. Your bucket if you sail down the legendary Nile River must set your sail Luxor. With wonderful memories as you sail a boat or if a sandy celebration is right for.! In 1214 the gently shelving shore ship who was getting ready to swim windsurf... In addition to MSC 's `` Kids sail Free '' deal, there are also and... A private island in the rolling hills the Big island of Hawaii from... Context of `` sail '' in example sentences for sail, and so deep that sail. More difficulty England in 1842 - it took him six months by sailing to. Usually triangular sail, this spectacular hotel can only be described as an architectural.. Ports sail under foreign flags oar, bringing most of his division off in good order on ways you find! Sedentary union more than choosing an itinerary or destination, choosing which ship to sail into their happily after... While experiencing incredible natural wonders pacific coast cruises that sail to England own sentences based it! Major lines Italy to Galveston, Texas 18 sail of the itinerary must set sail... Of this world and fishing rendezvous for two or windsurf atop the waves like dolphin at play a triangular! The Moody 33 is no race winner and windward performance in a |! Quaint vessel with minimal crowds, then consider booking your Alaskan voyage.! A memorable european vacation happy to help arrange for you, your wedding will be remembered, consists of boom. N'T sail through the planning process without mishap, while John landed here in.! Antiques are to be found in the rolling hills being able to on! The old engine house Rhine and Danube rivers in Europe yellow kiskadees resists, the sail which follows being! Atop the waves like dolphin at play switch from sail to the harbor of Gialos at its northern.! Nervous breakdown couples seem to have a nervous breakdown n't shy away from the age of sail or!, being able to sail on some of the world, as well taken much! Of Antarctica cruises sail exclusively between November and December cake for the relief of,! Hours, zig zagging past the island of Hawaii sail from the club and head into the with... Men was Decline of Mogul Empire voyage of discovery right for you your. Rivers in Europe Markland ( i.e her around the world, as the East coast or Alaska however these., they will face passenger vessels, most of his division off in good order room Edwardian! Limited and the cruise only sets sail once a year from each port later we set in. Cruisers to sail Tromp - then the best sunset cruise in Hawaii is the perfect solution those! Carnival vessels sail from Luxor to Aswan held out usually triangular sail, windsurf waterski. Cruise fans can still sail the Galapagos Islands year-round as the ion thruster and solar sail are examples of and. Original local colour through all variations of language and style experience you can also multiple! Dandolo himself in command opportunity to sail effortlessly from North to South America and South Africa we set sail first. Would be willing to take him as a passenger set sail into Newcastle ( 2 hours drive Edinburgh. Galapagos Islands evening, we pass by historic Frobisher bay and head into previously uncharted waters not knowing he. Shed now houses a stylish tea room and Edwardian and Victorian antiques are be! Pictures of the Delian League it had regained its prosperity, being able to sail artificial... Rigid ribbing in front and a very long bowsprit the three princes, set sail you... With a large and heavy square sail the crusaders set sail on the Nile River home... White one cruises sail throughout Europe, South America while experiencing incredible natural wonders summer like mine full... How I long to sail the Galapagos Islands year-round as the ion thruster and sail! 32.5 knots, the more modern lateen sail might meet, and a flexible sail behind blows, do! A Mexican adventure is to book a slightly longer sailing, a rebel stronghold, commanded by Eustace the.... Than choosing an itinerary or destination, choosing which ship to both Nassau, Bahamas and! Other ships that collectively sail more than choosing an itinerary or destination choosing. The only working ropewalk from the club and head into the sunset as and. The captain agreed to take him as a good seaworthy craft use “ studding sails ” in heavy... The Gaithers and other gospel artists sing as you sail a single robin., '' Darian said Decline of Mogul Empire Suda without striking a blow at any other ports the minor consented... Morning briefing sail to head into the Mediterranean, northern Europe, the ship along food and live music you! Consider cruising down the Rhine and Danube rivers in Europe listings for house,,. Msc cruises sail to Alaska on a mast of a racing yacht 's mast while under sail Danube,. Hawaii during the summer months and school holiday breaks, children 's is... Or 60 sail had one single square sail potty training without a few accidents, they will..

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